Students, Alumna Feted at Recognition Banquet

3 Dentistry deans and faculty

Front: Drs. John D.B. Featherstone (left), dean emeritus; Mark Kirkland, interim dean; Michael Reddy, incoming dean; Sara Hughes, associate dean for education and student affairs. Rear: Michelle Lacues, Dental Alumni Association president; Biana Roykh, interim associate dean, clinical affairs; Pamela Alston '82; Russell Newell '63; Elsbeth Kalenderian, department chair, Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences. Photos by Elisabeth Fall

Susan Lopez

Medal of Honor recipient Susan Lopez '72 passes husband Michael Lopez '74 on her way to the podium.

graduating class awardees

Graduating class presidents and awardees: (left) Bishoy Besada, Joseph Kwan-Ho Yun, Priyanka Saxena, Rebekah Kastner, Karen Maalona, Dr. Sophia Saeed, Dr. Richard Mogensen, Dr. James Giblin, Dr. Barry Burstein

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