With Virtual Reality, Dentistry Students Zoom Through 3-D Teeth

Steven Gigli tests virtual-reality system

UCSF School of Dentistry student Steven Gigli tests the virtual-reality system that allows users to see teeth up close and in 3-D.

The students won’t be shrinking down in a magic school bus, but they will be able to zoom through a mouth and get a close-up, 3-D view of teeth – using virtual reality.

The technology, which is becoming mainstream for gaming and other education, is entering dental education to help students visualize every part of teeth and their spatial relationships.

“What is really cool about this new technology in our curriculum is that we can have a tooth right in front of us and see it in ways that can’t ever be conveyed through traditional two-dimensional images,” said Jerry Liu, a second-year student at UC San Francisco’s School of Dentistry.

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