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The 2017 version of the Self-Study was written by Ad Hoc Groups, formed in May 2017. Each Ad Hoc group was assigned Standards and considered whether or not the school was in compliance with the Standards. This is the process that is recommended by CODA and can be reviewed in the Self Study Guide. The Self-Study drafts were forwarded to Sheila Brear in December 2017 and prepared for the Mock Site Visit in January 2018. In this process, areas where the school was not currently compliant, or could improve, were identified as “Risks” and formed the basis for the “2017 Risks and Action Plan.” The Mock Site Visit January 2018 report is awaited and will contribute to the “risk level” prioritization of the action items. The Accreditation Steering Committee will have oversight of the final prioritization and action plans.

After the action plans have been implemented, a 2018 Self-Study will be written, including new standards that were published by CODA January 2018. Sheila Brear will work closely with the Ad Hoc Group Team Leaders and content experts to finalize this document. Metrics will be used to measure the results of the implemented action plans, and a new list of Risks and Action Plan items will be produced.

At the 2019 Site Visit, the following programs will be considered:

  • Predoctoral program
  • Residency programs
    • Dental Public Health
    • Endodontics
    • General Practice Residency
    • Orthodontics
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Periodontal Residency
    • Prosthodontic Residency

Each of the residency programs has a section on the 2019 Accreditation CLE site and is being provided with any assistance that has been requested.