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Prospective Student Information


Welcome to the UCSF School of Dentistry! Please find information and helpful links on this page for students who are interested in pursuing a degree in Dentistry. Here you will find links to the admissions page and upcoming events where admissions staff will be present to answer your questions and speak to you about the admissions process.

If you have any questions the information on this site please do not hesitate to contact our admissions staff via E-mail:

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UCSF Dental Information Day - Fresno, CA

UCSF is coming to Fresno, CA! UCSF will be hosting an all-day event called Dental Information Day in February 2016. Keep checking back for more information soon!


Upcoming UCSF Dentistry Admissions Outreach Events

UC Davis Pre-Health National Conference

James Betbeze, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management & Outreach

Dina Abuelezam, Outreach Coordinator & Admissions Analyst

UC DavisOctober 10-11, 201511am-3pm
UC Santa Cruz

Dina Abuelezam, Outreach Coordinator & Admissions Analyst

UCSC QuadOctober 19, 20154-7pm

San Francisco State University



Dina Abuelezam, Outreach Coordinator & Admissions Analyst


SFSU QuadOctober 21, 201511am-2pm
CSU East Bay Graduate & Professional School Fair

Dina Abuelezam, Outreach Coordinator & Admissions Analyst


CSU East BayOctober 27, 2015


General Admissions Information

Admissions Fact Sheet (PDF)


Request a Speaker

If you are interested in having an admissions representative from the UCSF School of Dentistry visit your organization to give an admissions presentation, please click here.