Preceptorship Program FAQs

Please read our FAQ section for answers to the most common questions applicants have. If you still have questions or need clarification after reading both this section, as well as each of the programs websites, you may call the office of Continuing Dental Education at 415.514.0778.

I am interested in applying for more than one program. Is this allowed?

Yes, applicants should complete one application and check the appropriate boxes at the top of the application to show which program(s) and module(s) they are applying for. If you would like to submit a separate personal statement for each program, please be sure to indicate that on the personal statement. Applicants must pay a $250 application fee for each program they are applying for. For example: If an applicant is applying for both the Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics preceptorship programs, $500 would need to be paid. Please make all checks payable to UC REGENTS. You may also pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX) over the phone or by completing a UCSF credit card authorization form.

When is the deadline to submit an application?

Fall Module (Oct. 1- Dec. 31) - postmarked by June 15
Winter Module (Jan. 1- March 31) - postmarked by Sept. 15
Spring Module (April 1-June 30)- postmarked by Dec. 15
Summer Module (July 1-Sept. 30) - postmarked by March 15

Please note: If applying for our AEGD program, the deadlines are different. Please visit the AEGD preceptorship page for more details.

May I drop off my completed application?

No, applications must be postmarked by the application deadline and mailed to our office. We do not accept applications that are hand delivered. We cannot guarantee that an appropriate staff person will be here to collect and process the application at the time you are here.

I only have copies of my transcripts and letters of recommendation. Are these OK to submit?

No, applicants must submit official transcripts and letters of recommendation must be submitted in signed and sealed envelope. In addition, these documents must be in English.

I am still waiting for my official transcripts and letters of recommendation to be mailed to me. Can I mail the parts of the application that I have completed?

No, applications must be complete when sent to our office and should include all documents and payments in one mailing. Applications that are missing required information are considered incomplete and will not be reviewed for admission. Incomplete applications will prohibit applicants from moving forward in the application process.

What are the requirements for English proficiency?

Applicants must submit their TOEFL report. They must have a TOEFL score of at least 550. Some programs also require an in-person interview in English. If accepted, an applicant must complete a state of proficiency in English form.

I missed the application deadline for the module I was interested in attending. Can I still apply?

Applicants should apply for the module whose deadline has not passed, and may include a note in their application packet letting our office know that they would also like to be considered for the module whose deadline has passed. This is not a guarantee that the application will be reviewed late or that the applicant will be accepted, and it will be solely at the program director(s) discretion. Please be courteous and allow adequate time to complete and submit the application packet before the deadline. Also, please remember that visa processing takes approximately three months, and an applicant cannot apply for a visa until they are accepted into the program.

I am wondering what module(s) have openings. Whom should I contact?

Please understand that other applicants and their application status are confidential. Because of this, our office cannot comment on what programs have openings, as openings can change day to day. Applicants should apply for the module(s) they are interested in. If your application is accepted, we will let you know what module(s) have an opening.

I did not get accepted into the preceptorship program. Can I re-apply?

Applicants who have not been accepted into our program can re-apply but must submit a new application packet, including official transcripts and sealed letters of recommendation, and pay the appropriate application fee(s). Our office does not keep old applications on file.

I did not get accepted into the preceptorship program. Can I get a refund for my application fee(s)?

Application fees are non-refundable, regardless of whether the applicant has been accepted.

I submitted my application. When should I expect to hear if I have been accepted?

Applicants will receive an email confirmation from the Office of Continuing Dental Education within two weeks of receipt of the completed application and appropriate application fee(s). Applicants should have a decision from the program director(s) approximately three weeks after the application submission deadline. If you do not hear from us, or if you do not receive an email confirmation, please call our office at 415.514.0778 and check in with us.

I have questions about obtaining a visa and living in the United States. Whom do I contact?

Please contact the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) for all issues regarding visas. The Office of Continuing Dental Education does not provide any information on this issue. The ISSO office can be reached at 415.476.1773 or

What type of visas are accepted to be a preceptor at UCSF School of Dentistry?

If an applicant is not a permanent resident, have a green card, have a H-4 or J-2 visa, he/she must obtain a J-1 visa.

I have additional questions. Whom can I contact?

If you have read the preceptorship website and you still have questions about the program, you may contact the Office of Continuing Dental Education at 415.514.0778. We are open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We do not accept in-person appointments. Questions may be answered on this page, or by calling our office.