Tran Duong

Trang Duong
Entered Program: 2013
Thesis Advisor: Noelle L'Etoile

Trang Duong

Trang started her D.D.S/Ph.D training in the fall of 2013. She began with the Ph.D training in Dr. Noelle L’Etoile’s lab. Her project focusing on understands the biosynthesis of endogenous small interference RNA (siRNA) in C.elegans. Recently, she discovered that there are almost 1/3 of the C.elegans genome has siRNA map to intronic region. Her current work is bioinformatically and biologically investigating the machinery of these newly identified intronic siRNAs. Trang hopes that her work will contribute to enable reading, understanding, and giving direction to alter human genome in improving treatment of genetic diseases. Her project was award the training grant, F30, in 2015 for 6 years. Trang loves cooking, hiking, running, and hosting dinner.