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John C. Greene Society

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For and by students, JGS supports learners in research, professional development and more

The primary student-run dental research organization at the UCSF School of Dentistry, the John C. Greene Society (JGS) strives to connect students with research opportunities, offers professional development events and has a strong voice in student government.

In addition to keeping students abreast of the wide range of ongoing research at UCSF and beyond, JGS provides guidance on how to become involved in such projects and pairs students with research mentors who can help them transform ideas into meaningful experiences and discoveries. The group also hosts workshops and peer networking events, where members share ideas and advice in a comfortable environment. And as a chapter of the National Student Research Group of the American Association of Dental Research, JGS offers financial assistance to members for travel to national and international conferences to present their research.


The John C. Greene Society was founded in 2002 under the mentorship of Dr. John S. Greenspan, taking its name from Dr. John C. Greene, dean emeritus at UCSF, whose leadership was instrumental in the dental school's rise to prominence as a premier research institution, and who was much beloved by students and faculty alike. A major goal at the time was to encourage active student participation in meaningful research, bringing student research into alignment with the quality investigations being conducted by the UCSF dental faculty.

Since that time, the John C. Greene Society has grown steadily, with current enrollment at nearly one-third of the predoctoral student body at the School of Dentistry. The JGS is one of the most recognizable, vocal and respected student groups on campus. Student research participation at UCSF is at an all-time high, with dozens of students conducting semester-long fellowships each year, and many more traveling to present their findings at conferences across California, the country and the world.

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