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Research and Clinical Excellence Day

Showcase for posters, oral presentations

Students, residents, faculty and speakers meet, mingle, discuss and celebrate excellence


Roger Mraz
Program Administrator
Office of Graduate and Research Affairs
513 Parnassus Ave., S-619A
San Francisco, CA 94143-0430

415.502.7772 (voice)
415.502.7763 (fax)

Each year, the School of Dentistry community gathers for our annual Research and Clinical Excellence Day. UCSF students and research trainees present their work through posters and oral presentations. For predoctoral students who have spent the summer working on projects with their faculty advisors, this event offers an opportunity to receive feedback as they fine-tune their presentations for a national audience at upcoming meetings of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). This day is one of the highlights of the year for the community as predoctoral and postdoctoral students, residents, faculty and distinguished invited speakers mingle, question, argue and learn from one another in an atmosphere that epitomizes the vibrant climate of discovery in the school.

Research and Clinical Excellence Day 2019

Previous Honorees

Faculty Research Lecturer

Yvonne Kapila (2019)
Stuart Gansky (2017)
Ophir Klein (2015)
Diane Barber (2013)
Randall Kramer (2012)
Pamela Den Besten (2011)
Daniel Fried (2010)
Jane Weintraub (2009)
Barbara Gerbert (2008)
Deborah Greenspan (2007)
Nina Agabian (2006)
Sol Silverman (Spring 2005)

Susan Fisher (Fall 2004)
John Featherstone (2003)
Rik Derynck (2002)
Jon Levine (TBD)
Sally Marshall (TBD)
Caroline Damsky (TBD)
Grayson Marshall (TBD)
Sheldon Baumrind (TBD)
Rajendra Bhatnagar (TBD)
John Greenspan (1988)
Ernest Newbrun (1987)

Outstanding Clinician Award

Joel White (2018)
Mark Kirkland (2016)
Arun Sharma (2014)
Sheila Brear (2013)
Karin Vargervik (2012)
Fritz Finzen (2011)
Anthony Pogrel (2010)
Stephan Eakle (2009)
Raymond Braham (2008)

Mentor of the Year Award

Awarded by the John C. Greene Society
Amnon Sharir (2019)
Joel White (2018)
Chelsey Bahney and Sarah Wong (2017)
Rich Schneider (2016)
Lisa Chung (2015)
Benjamin Chaffee (2014)
Brent Lin (2013)
Ralph Marcucio (2012)
Wu Li (2011)
Jennifer Gibbs (2010)
Brent Lin (2009)
-------- (2008)
Richard Jordan (2007)