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Summer Dental Student Research Fellowship Program

Opportunity for focused, mentored inquiry

Spend a summer out of the classroom and in intensive investigation


Lisa Berens, DDS, MPH
Program Chair

Roger Mraz
Program Administrator

The Summer Dental Student Research Fellowship Program offers UCSF dental students the opportunity to participate in mentored research. For three months between their first and second years of dental school, a select number of students work closely with faculty mentors to conduct research on a topic of importance to dentistry.

Working with leaders in research, students learn the methods, tools and language of science, an introduction that propels many of them into careers in academia. The Summer Dental Student Research Fellowship Program has a long and illustrious history at UCSF; it is considered one of the most enriching educational experiences for dental students at UCSF, and a talent incubator for developing future leaders within our profession.

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2019 Fellows

The Summer Dental Student Fellowship program has a record number of fellows for 2019 — 27! The fellows and mentors include: Ronnel Azizollahi (Dr. Sneha Oberoi), Kenny Chang (Dr. Ling Zhan), Katherine DiLeo (Dr. Sarah Knox), Stacey Fan (Dr. Wu Li/Dr. Ling Zhan), Jenny Giao (Dr. Stephen Connelly), Kevin Hahn (Dr. Andrei Goga), May Hao (Dr. Elizabeth Mertz), Erica Harris (Dr. Jeffrey Bush), Mai-Zong Her (Dr. Kristin Hoeft/Dr. Debbie Helsel), Nicholas Hwang (Dr. Joel White), Emma Kang (Dr. Ralph Marcucio), Susan Keefe (Dr. Ophir Klein), Talitha Khorasani (Dr. Ann Lazar), Daniel Kim (Dr. Sunita Ho), Richard Le (Dr. Rebeka Silva), Katherine Lovell (Dr. Cristin Kearns), Austen Lucena (Dr. Rich Schneider), April Martinez (Dr. Yvonne Kapila), Bradley Morgan (Dr. Gwen Essex), David Nguyen (Dr. Stefan Habelitz), Dilan Patel (Dr. Wenhan Chang), Elliot Pereira (Dr. Shingo Kajimura), Guadalupe Quintero (Dr. Kristin Hoeft), Sara Soofian (Dr. Jing Cheng), Burin Thanasuwat (Dr. Diane Barber), Nhat-Thi Vo (Dr. Alice Goodwin), and Tsu-Shuan (Brie) Wu (Dr. Ben Chaffee).

"Each year for the past four years, we have surpassed our highest number of dental student summer fellows — this year is no exception," said Dr. Lisa Berens, program administrator. "The growth in our program over the years reflects the high research productivity within the School of Dentistry, and the increasing breadth of topics being studied from cancer and cell signaling to social determinants of health."

Special acknowledgement goes to Dr. Ben Chaffee, who led this year's selection process.