San Francisco at dusk

Living in San Francisco

Since before the Gold Rush, San Francisco has drawn explorers and innovators from around the world: people looking for a new way of doing things, a new way of life. That spirit is embedded in the city’s culture to this day.

The physical beauty of San Francisco — its soaring hills, glistening bay and Victorian homes — has captured the hearts of generations. But its real charms lie in its diversity and cosmopolitan nature. The city offers world-class shopping, from large department stores to unique boutiques to a host of vintage shops. The Bay Area is home to professional teams in baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Museums, galleries and a plethora of performing arts, from small theater and dance troupes to world-renowned symphony, theater, opera and ballet companies, speak to a thriving arts and entertainment community. In addition, hundreds of touring bands and Broadway shows visit the Bay Area every year.

San Francisco takes its food seriously, with year-round farmers markets, street food from virtually every culture on earth, Michelin-starred restaurants and everything in between. The award-winning wineries of Napa, Sonoma and Monterey are an hour or two away.

Mild weather means San Franciscans spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s skating in Golden Gate Park, biking in the Presidio, heading to the beach or chasing par on a local golf course. Hiking in Marin is just a bridge away, and camping and skiing in the Sierra and points beyond are within a few hours’ reach.

Getting around is easy, even without a car. Buses and streetcars connect the School of Dentistry campus to any destination in the city. Bike and car sharing services, and Uber and Lyft (hey, they were invented here!) are among the other options. And if you want to get out of town, trains, buses and ferries will take you in any direction you wish to go.