Student Life

Student Life

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a UCSF education is the experience within the rich community of learners, faculty and staff. From student clubs to special events like orientation and graduation, student life provides the important counter-balance to the academic experience.

As a UCSF Dentistry student, you’ll grow as a person and a professional. You'll pair classroom learning with extensive clinical experience, surrounded by an entire university community focused on health. You'll build strong friendships, nuture mentorships and foster caring relationships with patients. And you'll do this all in San Francisco, one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in world.

You’ll join your classmates in:

  • Organizing community health fairs, clinics, and service projects
  • Helping patients through student-sponsored events and community clinics.
  • Building leadership skills through professional dental organizations
  • Becoming deeply involved in issues that impact patients and the dental profession in practice, policy, advocacy, and research.
  • Exploring in the latest in health care and health sciences innovations
  • Checking out the campus calendar — you’ll find lectures, seminars, and symposia on a variety of science and health-related topics.
  • Engaging with a broad array of student organizations—including educational, social, cultural, artistic, recreational, political, and spiritual organizations— which reflect the diversity of UCSF students.
  • Keeping active through intramural sports and recreation programs
  • Taking advantage of San Francisco. You’ll thrive in the rich culture and intrigue of one of the world’s great urban centers. San Francisco’s famous dining scene, natural beauty, world-class museums, and diverse neighborhoods make this a location like no other.

Learn more below about the engaging, supportive and important programs and services available to students.

Dentistry Clubs and Organizations

UCSF and the School of Dentistry offer a wealth of opportunity for students to engage with one another.

Explore our Clubs Community Outreach Events and Health Fair Participation Guidelines

UCSF Student Success

Success in school requires care and attention to all aspects of your life: health and wellness, community, career development, personal and professional relationships, and security and safety. Check out the campus resources and services resources and services to help you succeed.

Office of Student Success

Office of Career and Professional Development

Gain insights through individualized career and professional development help with career exploration, job search strategies, and communications skills.

Career and Professional Development

Student Housing

The Student Housing office can help students locate housing both on and off campus.

Housing Services

Student Health & Counseling Services

Optimizing the physical and mental health of students in order to help them achieve academic success, personal development and lifelong wellness.

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Campus-Wide Involvement

Dental students are encouraged to get involved in campus-wide clubs, student government and sports.

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The School of Dentistry Office of Student Affairs

Including Student Services and Student Records, the Office of Student Affairs provide support for learners in and out of the classroom.

Office of Student Affairs